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50% discount on monthly bin cleaning!

50% discount on monthly bin cleaning!

October 18, 2012

Taking out the garbage at my house is a weekly argument. Of course, we try to minimize our waste and keep it to under one bag per week. With four people in the house, I think that's an ok goal. However, getting the bag to the waste bin out back is a real chore. First of all, you have to carry a big stinky bag of garbage. No one likes that. Secondly, you have to open the lid of our giant black waste bin and pinch your nose somehow as you heave the bag into the smelly abyss. 

Living in Vancouver, we also have the luxury of separating our organic waste and throwing it in the green waste bin. (Here's a way you can collect food scraps easily at home). If you think the garbage bin is gross, trying popping the lid on the food scraps bin. YUCK. 

Thankfully, there is an option in the form of a cool idea. VIP Bin Cleaning is an affordable way to clean and deodorize your bins. Their mobile cleaning unit uses an on-board water recycling system that arrives on the day of your garbage removal, cleans your bin, dries and deodorizes. This eliminates odour, reduces pests and harmful bacteria. VIP Bin Cleaning is the leader in mobile bin cleaning, with over 2 million bins cleaned annually in 7 countries.


Here's the deal:

50% discount for 6 months of bin cleaning. $48.00 (a $96.00 value) + HST
Includes monthly cleaning of 2 garbage, yard/food scraps or recycling bins. (Carts only)

In case you're not convinced, they have a video.

If you'd like to book, check out, call 1-855-444-BINS (2467).

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