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5 tips for an extra refreshing summer vacation

5 tips for an extra refreshing summer vacation

July 18, 2014

July and August are a great opportunity to get away. 
I mean, who is working that hard in the summer months? (Well, we are, but that's another story).

But back to the point. Vacation and rest is very important, and there's no better time than when the sun is shining and the air is warm.

You may be taking a trip to the cabin, going on a roadtrip, or simply having a nice stay-cation. Whatever it is, you deserve it.

In the midst of summer rest, here are some ideas to keep you adventures green and your head even clearer.

1. Plan really well 

Nothing creates waste more than not being prepared, or rushing. Remember? 'Haste makes waste' or whatever...
The point is, you don't need a NASA-level schedule, but have a good idea of how your trip will lay out and you'll save unnecessary usage, and likely some money too.

2. Prime your ride

If you’re going by car, make sure it’s had a recent oil change and is in good mechanical order. Nothing stops a roadtrip faster than car problems. (Bad music is a close second). Also, make sure the tires are nice and plump. (For fuel economy) And finally, relax, you’re on vacation. No rush to get anywhere.

3. Eat (sort of) well

“I’m on vacation, I can eat anything” Well, sure you can, but you’ll feel awful by the time it’s over. Set a limit on your indulgences. Say, maybe five per day. That delicious cinnamon bun, a extra few beers, whatever. But have some healthy meals and you’ll feel extra refreshed upon return.

4. Borrow and steal

You might need a few extra things for your trip. Instead of buying them, ask around. Or, think about items you already have. “Steal” something from around the house for a new purpose.

5. Don’t leave

We live in one of the best places on earth. No seriously, people are travelling from all over to come here! Why not stick around the city, enjoy what it has to offer. You’ll save money and have all the environmental efficiencies of home.

Have any more ideas? Share them with us @GreenGraduates