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7 of the coolest green homes from around the world

7 of the coolest green homes from around the world

August 18, 2014

The Rotating New Paltz Dome employs one of the simplest and coolest concepts in green home design. The dome rotates during the day, efficiently chasing the sun’s warming rays.


It also occupies a remarkably small footprint.



zeroHouse lives up to its name by being completely self-sufficient. The power that comes from solar is stored in batteries, waste becomes compost, water is collected on the home and sensors control everything. The price tag? $350,000.



This 161 sq. ft. debt-free tiny home is completely portable and off the grid. It was built for approximately $18,000 by Brett Sutherland of New Zealand and is massive inside, despite being only 15 square metres.

Green Mansion is a 15,000 square-foot home in Palm Beach. Large size usually isn’t something associated with a green home, but the Florida Green Building Council gave it the ok. It has floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa and an aquarium wet bar.



Now this is a cabin. Adapted from the ruins of a mill originally constructed in the 1800s, this compact dwelling uses solar power, a wood-burning stove and plenty of windows or skylights for natural light.


24 Italian high school students built this house entirely from trash. It has oil barrels for a roof and employs re-purposed materials like car doors and old bottles. It was temporary, but definitely takes ‘building a fort’ to the next level.


We have to throw a two-storey home in here, to show it’s possible. A century-old nearby pump heats and cools this entire house, with a lake nearby. Solar and wind energy were also added later to the property.