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A Brand Story: Green Grads

A Brand Story: Green Grads

June 3, 2010

Green Grads logo

Putting together the new Green Grads brand was a project that unfolded over eight months. Like anything, it started with an idea that grew into a vision and became something special. (Well, we think so, and we hope you agree).

Basically, we wanted to let people know that we do eco-friendly window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing.

In addition, we’re entrepreneurial young people, who do honest and affordable work.

Pretty simple. But making this a visual brand is another story.

With the help of Chito Yoro, Design Director at NG Farrell Marketing, we brought our vision to life.

Everything from the colour choices, to typeface and layout, Yoro helped drive the creative process and make the Green Grads vision a reality.

We are really thankful for his help because we’re just good exterior cleaning people, not designers. It’s a good thing we have a great friend putting our ideas on the map!