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A new way to avoid the messy kitchen scraps battle!

A new way to avoid the messy kitchen scraps battle!

June 16, 2011

Posted by: Callum Ng, Green Grads

Friends, there is a fierce battle going on in my kitchen. It is fought under the sink, multiple times every week and it has been happening for months now. The hero? Well, me of course! The foe? Our household food waste container. (Known in a past life as my roommate Jordan's protein powder tub).

At least two or three times a week, my diligence with throwing food scraps into the container leads to the inevitable. Full.

That's when the conflict begins. To throw the first punches, I reach under the counter and wrestle the tub out the front door, clawing and struggling to the back alley. Getting this far is only the beginning, next is the daunting task of ripping off the lid, exposing gooey, stinking food waste to the natural environment. Then it is time to roll out the infantry as I flip the whole thing upside down and commence with a multitude of violent shakes into the green waste container. This is where it gets ugly. Banana peels usually break first, sliding out and splattering into the container, then tomato ends, avocado skins, orange peels and onion bits, those go next after many more nose-pinching shakes. My real foe is lettuce heads that get stuck upside down and jam up the whole process. I stand in the alley, scrunching up my face to stop the steaming stench from reaching my nostrils, maneuvering my hips out and away from sprays of organic gunk that spew out of the container. Finally, as I reach deep down inside, the last few shakes break loose the hold of wilting lettuce and the rest of the container collapses into the bin, carrots, egg shells and all.

Exhausted, I slam the lid down on my green waste bin, replace the top of the protein powder tub turned monster and return inside to wash off the remnants of another battle well fought. The whole time I think: “There has to be a better way!”

In fact, I once offered a suggestion for this problem to “Talk Green to Us”. (The City of Vancouver’s inclusive Greenest City idea farm).

However, if you’ve been listening to Vancouver radio recently, you’ll notice commercials for Bag to Earth products. These beauties come in a variety of sizes, made of all-natural materials, designed to “disappear fully into the earth”.

Having a reusable container, (like my beloved tub), is great, but I would argue that having disposable bags is better because it eliminates the conundrum of: having a full container, lacking the energy to fight the battle just then and instead throwing your food waste into the garbage!

With Bag to Earth Food Waste Bags you can just drop it into your green bin, all at once, and look forward to an empty bag waiting for you, without the crazy mess.

Here’s the website if you want to try this out at home!

I did. And I have no problem saying goodbye to the old tub.