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Coffee cups and Living Walls

Coffee cups and Living Walls

October 26, 2010

In the office I am always compelled to take those cardboard sleeves off of everyone's coffee cup, and throw them in the recycling bin.

First of all, I bug people for even using a disposable coffee cup in the first place. And almost everyone is getting better at bringing in a reusable one.

I do this so often, that it seems to have become kind of a joke around here, and I am beginning to think that people throw away the sleeve, just to see if I'll fish it out of the garbage can.

Invariably, I do.

In other news:

A green project in the Lower Mainland recently caught my eye. Green over Grey is a Living Wall design firm, and recently, they completed what is being touted as the largest outdoor green wall in North America.

You should have a look at these things, they are biologically diverse, and beautiful.

The wall covers the Semiahmoo Public Library, and the RCMP detachment as well.

Living walls reduce greenhouse gases and save a whole bunch of energy.

Kudos to Patrick and the team at Green over Grey. Looking forward to seeing more of their work sprouting up around town. (Oh ya, I went for it).

- Callum