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Companies We Like: FROGBOX

Companies We Like: FROGBOX

June 14, 2010

This is a brand new section that we here at Green Grads are going to call: Companies We Like. Every week I will profile a BC business that is doing good green work in the community.

Sometimes, it might be a product you can use in your household.

This week: FROGBOX

The basics: Durable plastic and reusable moving boxes delivered to your door and picked up again after your move.

On my most recent move I tried out FROGBOX, on the recommendation of a friend. It was a pretty care-free experience, no cardboard boxes to worry about, not to mention building and taping or finding a recycling bin afterwards.  

It is affordable too. I think to move my entire apartment, (ten boxes and a dolly), I paid about $50 for the entire week, which is definitely comparable in price to cardboard.

I spoke to Mathieson McCrae, from FROGBOX, and asked him what makes his company so eco-friendly. “The FROGBOX concept is all about reuse. In our hands these boxes can be used 400 times! We ensure that FROGBOXes will be recycled at the end of their lifespan.”

That certainly cuts down on waste. The scheduled pick up in my case was right on time and as easy as leaving the boxes in a secure place outside my new house.

Since we like to innovate here at Green Grads, a do things like find new window cleaning solutions or gutter cleaning methods, I also asked Mathieson if there is something he’d like to improve about FROGBOX. “Source a reliable recycled material for the boxes. We've chosen new plastic so far because it lasts longer; there's a step-down process in recycling. It would be nice to find a high grade post-consumer material. We're looking.”

You might have seen a FROGBOX truck around town, with the giant vehicle wrap and frog habitat. Finally, I had to ask Mathieson if the frog had a name, “Nope, no name for our frog mascot, but I can tell you he is a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. Also, we give 1% of revenue to frog habitat restoration. Locally, that goes to Oregon Spotted Frogs and building wetlands for them.”

Pretty cool. If you want, you can check out FROGBOX here, or give them a call to order at 1 877 376 4269.