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Companies We Like: Green Coast Rubbish

Companies We Like: Green Coast Rubbish

September 6, 2011

Over the Long Weekend, it is likely that a lot of people were out and about, doing chores that have been put off all summer. For me it was hauling away that old mattress sitting in my basement. My mom was right when she used to say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” It has been out of mind for months, but over the weekend it was time for the mattress to go.

This blog is not so much about a mattress, but more about a company in Vancouver that helps you get rid of all sorts of unwanted items. And they do it conscious of waste and ever growing landfills.

Green Coast Rubbish is a North Vancouver company, not unlike Green Grads in the sense that it started with an idea, and a truck. Since 2006, Green Coast has been diverting garage junk from landfills to more environmentally sustainable places.

For example, mattresses can go here!

Just like we take bag loads of gutter cleaning waste to the compost plant, or use biodegradable window cleaning solutions, Green Coast has a more sustainable alternative for everything.

And for that we applaud them, and name them this month’s Company We Like!