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Don’t forget to check for moss on the roof!

Don’t forget to check for moss on the roof!

April 7, 2011

About this time of year in Vancouver, as the sun starts shining, people begin getting outside a little bit more! It’s definitely nice to leave the rain jacket at home, and get some natural Vitamin D.

You also might be noticing some cleaning that needs doing out and around your house. If you have windows that need cleaning or any pressure washing, we can certainly help you.

There also might be one place you might forget to check. Your roof! With long and damp winters, homes in Metro Vancouver are susceptible to moss growth. Especially if your roof is near tree cover, or gets a lot of rain. (Which is everywhere in Vancouver!)

Moss growth can be harmful for a number of reasons.

1.      Moss behaves similar to a sponge and absorbs a lot of water which keeps your roof wet for longer

2.      If moss is left untreated, it can begin to lift your roof shingles causing water to seep into your house

3.      The worse case scenario is that the surface underneath your roof begins to rot, causing costly damage

Not to scare you or anything! The good news is that it is easily treatable.

Green Grads Moss Removal

Green Grads removes all moss by hand, or with light brushing in order to protect your roof. Then we spray the surface with a non-harmful soap-based deterrent to slow re-growth.

The best part is that we’re quick at this, and so we can offer you reasonable pricing. We are also fully insured to go up on your roof, so don’t worry!

See some photos of our moss cleaning crew in action:

Give us a call 1888 98 GRADS. Your time should be spent enjoying the outdoors. Not cleaning it!