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Greenest City on Earth! Let’s do this!

Greenest City on Earth! Let’s do this!

September 22, 2010

I just stepped back into the Green Grads offices after a bite of dinner and I happened upon the Greenest City 2020 link from the City of Vancouver.

Mayor Gregor Robertson has made it very clear that he wants Vancouver to be the greenest city by the year 2020. That means we need to create zero waste, that’s right, nothing, and reduce our severe dependence on fossil fuels. Two very big goals. But admirable.

Every problem needs to be addressed, and then tackled with a great plan to get everyone involved.

One of the quickest ways to get everyone involved is to ask them how.

The City of Vancouver is doing just that with “Talk Green to Us”.

The premise is simple. Give them your best Green Ideas and the top 4 will be pitched to the mayor on October 1, at a Green Ideas panel hosted by SFU Woodwards.

We at Green Grads, always full of great green ideas, from window cleaning to yard waste, wrote the following idea:

Kitchen Compost Containers to store household compost easily before collection day.

Right now the City of Vancouver allows egg shells, uncooked fruit, veggies scraps, coffee grounds, filters and tea bags to be put in the green lid yard waste bins, in order to be composted. Pretty cool hey!

You know when you have a tomato slice, or a tea bag, a banana peel or the inside of a pepper? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy container to pop it in and then when collection day comes all you need to do is dump it in your green lid bin!

If this container was made of recycled materials, cleaned up easily, (all that organic sludge can smell bad), and was conveniently opened and closed, it would be so easy to throw that orange peel in the compost as opposed to taking the easy garbage option.

This would encourage Vancouverites to compost even the smallest things, reduce waste and do some good.

If you agree, please click the link above and VOTE for our idea. The top 4 ideas make it to city hall. We think it’s great and we hope you agree!