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It’s Gutter Cleaning season! Here is why it is so important!

October 4, 2010

It’s the beginning of October and summer has ended for the Green Grads crews! It’s now time to turn our attention to fall, and as the season indicates, time to begin thinking about leaves, rain and gutters!

That’s right, it is gutter cleaning season, and very important for homeowners to turn their attention to the roof and gutter systems in their homes.
We are often asked how often gutters should be cleaned and not only this, but what implications proper gutter maintenance has on home care. 
Honestly, gutter cleaning is very important.
Improperly draining gutters allow water to build up in the troughs and this can lead to many problems. First of all, that water build-up is heavy. Yes, that’s right, heavy! It is estimated that a regular house, with an average 120 ft of gutter lines, can be holding as many as 100 litres of water! Think about the impact this has on your foundation and roof.
Secondly, gutters that do not drain properly might be prone to leaking that can cause soffit damage.
Finally, if there is standing water in your gutters you run the risk of having it freeze on those especially cold Lower Mainland nights. This is a big problem because this freezing can cause cracking in your gutter lines.
This is why Green Grads is very busy during gutter season. As the leaves fall, gutters get clogged, and that’s where we can help!
The best part is that you can be assured that all organic material that comes out of your gutter will be disposed of in the green way. By composting!
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Thanks for reading! Keep taking care of you environment and think of us for all exterior cleaning, windows, gutters and pressure washing!