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Save up to $300 on bikes from Bikes For All!

Save up to $300 on bikes from Bikes For All!

July 17, 2012

Our friends at Bikes For All are offering Green Grads customers some great deals this month!

IMPORTANT: To receive the promotions please show on your smartphone, (or print off), the July Update e-mail.

Epik Whistler or Epik Banff 
Save $300
SALE: $1599 Regular: $1899 
*Including a free high quality lock

These Epik bikes are so cool! They come with a patent-pending coaxial motor system to help keep your ride smooth.
Plus, the Epik Whistler has the same structure and design as a mountain bike. Prefer the cruiser-type? The Epik Banff is classically styled including basket and cushy seat!

Tanbo Japanese Bikes (Bikes For All Edition)
Save $199
SALE: $299 Regular: $498
*Including deluxe basket package

These Tanbo Japanese Bikes are the ultimate cruiser. We really love the elegant and sturdy design. There's also a bunch of difference colours. (Pictured below the Epik bikes).