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5 ways to get organized this spring

5 ways to get organized this spring

April 8, 2014

I’m beginning to think that ‘Spring Cleaning’ is something our parents made up just to get us up off the couch on weekends.

In our adult lives, spring is more realistically a good time for organization. Killing clutter makes space more usable, reduces stress and can save you money.

We cruise the internet all the time to find techniques and products to make living better. Here is a motley crew of excellent options for getting your space neat and tidy.

Use stuff you already have to get organized

We all have those odds and ends lying around that can actually be used in really creative ways to organize household stuff.

Storing bikes on your wall is cool

Throwing your bike up on the wall is inexpensive, gets your ride off the floor and shows people how super-fit you are. (Maybe the last one depends on the person).

Get rid of charging cables

The thingcharger is a really cool way to eliminate charging cables while keeping your outlet free.

Or...use the sun to charge your smartphone or tablet

A home solar panel is a fun way to charge up smaller smart devices.

Evict the monsters under your bed

There's plenty of storage space there, and cheap options to contain extra stuff. 

If you're really interested in paring down your sutff, you can gradually work your way towards some definition of minimalism.

Here's a good blog to get started: The Simple White Rabbit

Good luck!