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Weekends are for playing, not cleaning.

Weekends are for playing, not cleaning.

May 5, 2012

Ok so we all do it. We make a list of weekend chores during the week with the best of intentions.

By the time Saturday rolls around however, the golf course or pool or park looks a whole lot better than that chores list.

Do you have any outdoor cleaning on your list? Maybe window cleaning, moss removal, some pressure washing perhaps?

Here's a pretty good offer to help you knock a few things off that list, without having to lift a finger!

$20 off one service

$30 off any two services

$40 off any three services

All you have to do is go to our estimate form to book a free estimate.

Or call us! 1888 98 GRADS (47237) or 604 992 0863.

Ok, so maybe you have to lift one or two fingers to click or call, but that beats getting on a ladder!