When is the best time of year for gutter cleaning?

I often get asked by customers when they should be cleaning their gutters.

The first question I usually ask is…When was the last time you had your gutters cleaned?

If the answer is not within the last three months, it’s probably a good time to get your gutter system reviewed.

If you’re regularly getting the gutters seen to, then it makes the most sense to clean your gutters at some point between October and December, depending on your level and type of tree cover.

Some customers wonder why we recommend a cleaning before all of the leaves have fallen, and the reason is simple: You want to limit clogs and back-ups in the gutter system, and ensure you won’t run into a more serious back-up while the rain is really falling.

It’s a better safe than sorry kind of thing. An overflowing system can damage your roofline, and even throw off your gutter level (the system is designed to flow water to the gutter drains or downspouts).

We then recommend a second service between January and March, to make sure you’re flowing clear into the spring and summer.

I understand that budget can be a problem here, so if you can only afford one gutter cleaning per year, do it in the peak season, October to December, to protect your home.

One other point to add is that we also clean the exterior surfaces of the gutters, or polish if you will :) This is mainly an aesthetic service, but some customers love to get rid of that green gunk on the surfaces of the gutters. (More about Premium Gutter Cleaning here)

I hope that helps answer your gutter cleaning frequency questions!