What's so great about our Window Cleaning?

Not all window cleaning is the same, I can tell you that much.

Adding experience to a lot of care and attention makes a big difference.

Step 1: Good people

We’ve figured out that there are some people who can NEVER, no matter how hard a job is, or how tired they are, mail it in, no matter what. We call this ‘Giving a Sh-t’ and we look for it in the people we hire.

Step 2: Excellent training

All of our team members get hands-on training from experienced window cleaners, some with over a decade in the business. We know there’s no substitute for on-the-job experience, so our team spends a lot of time on-site, actually cleaning windows, getting feedback, and improving their craft.

Step 3: Quality equipment

You’re only as good as your tools, right? Something like that. We make sure our window cleaners have high-quality, well-maintained gear. For instance, squeegee rubbers are critical, they must have a good edge to properly pull water across the window glass, and that means replacing them often.

Step 4: We’re perfectionists

A window is a piece of glass. It does its best work when it’s clean, which means we need people who obsess over doing a good job. Every team member has their squeegee technique down pat, and carries two types of towels (one micro-fibre and one terry cloth) to eliminate window streaks.

Callum Ng