How to get the most out of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing (or pressure cleaning) is when water (hot or cold) is pumped through a machine, then a hose, and finally out of a nozzle which helps create thousands of pounds of pressure, per square inch.

While it’s sometimes the only way to clean many surfaces properly, we still have to be conscious that it also uses water, which is a precious resource.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of planning goes into our pressure washing.

  1. Training - The more efficient our team members are, the less water gets used overall. So we make sure everyone is trained by an experienced pressure washer. Then we can take less time, use less water, and in the end make the service more affordable for you.

  2. Surface preparation - It’s kind of like cleaning the stove…if you try to dig in with just water, you’ll be scrubbing pretty hard. But spray a little vinegar on there, let it sit, and that caked on grime comes off a lot easier. Pressure washing is really similar. We pre-treat surfaces naturally, and this helps mold and mildew wash away easily.

  3. Equipment - You get what you pay for here. We’ve had every type of machine, and in the end, the better quality pumps and engines not only last longer, they’re dependable. There’s also different apparatus (pressure washing guns and surface cleaners) that cut down on time. And we maintain all of our pressure washing equipment regularly to make it last longer.

Learn more about our pressure washing here.