Are your workers famous?

Ours aren’t...yet, but we’ve got our fingers-crossed they’ll get there. Our service team has artists from diverse backgrounds including: acting for film and TV, Shakespeare, visual arts, dancing, writing, music and sports journalism. Our crew does it all!  

We believe the passion for side projects makes our crew unique and that passion crosses over to our service. We encourage our workers to pursue their dreams and the result is that they are happier and work harder to serve you better. 

We embrace that employees with a higher calling are more adaptable, more excited to do their best and motivated to balance what they do for a living with what they love.  

We are so much more than an exterior cleaning company. 

We believe in our workers and we support them in the pursuit of their dreams. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear a show tune now and then while they get their gutters cleaned? 

Next time you see a movie star fighting aliens in a far-away galaxy remember they had to hustle to get there.

Getting to the top requires a ‘can do’ attitude, nerves of steel, resilience and a lot of hard work. We’re proud that we can help make that happen. Think about that the next time you see one of our crew cleaning from the top of a 40-foot ladder.

If you know someone who has big dreams but doesn’t yet know how they are going to keep the lights on while pursuing the big time, let them know we hire passionate service technicians and if they need a day off to go to an audition we see the value in those opportunities! 

Next time you order a service, strike up a conversation, you might be surprised to learn what we are passionate about.

Callum Ng