Window Cleaning


We are in pursuit of 'that feeling.' The undeniable relaxation that comes over you when you look out a clean window, with warm sunlight streaming through and think, 'Wow, that looks great.'

Our premium window cleaning ensures streak-free, spotless windows including the glass, frame, window sills and screens if you have them.

Our Technique

Our world-class window cleaning begins with excellent training for our team members with a minimum of 80 training hours under the supervision of our senior window washers.

High-quality equipment

Our team cleans your windows by-hand with a micro-fibre mop and soft rubber squeegee to scrub dirt, mildew, and grime off the window. Our micro-fibre cloths and towels polish the frames and window sills to a like-new finish. 


It's important to us to live in a responsible and sustainable manner. We do not use water-fed poles for general window cleaning, preferring instead by-hand cleaning for quality of service and environmental protection. We also use a natural cleaning solution.


We use a similar process for interior window cleaning, carefully moving the furniture if we have to.

Pressure Washing


We can pressure wash anything. Except the dog, we recommend a garden hose for that :)

We've washed driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, decks, fences, patio furniture, tennis courts, swimming pools, and more.

We can deal with any surface including glass, concrete, asphalt, plastic, wood, even oil stains.

OUR process

It's all in the pre-treatment. Every surface is different, and requires the ideal preparation. And once a surface is ready to go, we use less water and pressure to clean it, which conserves resources and protects your driveway, patio or whatever we're cleaning. 

Gutter Cleaning

A Short Gutter Story

Regular gutter cleaning is a critical part of home maintenance, especially given the precipitation levels in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

Here's the story of your gutters (bear with us):

Your roof tiles ensure direct drainage of water and debris from your roofline into the eavestrough or gutter trough. Properly-levelled eavestroughs will flow the water and debris toward your gutter downspout filters which will separate the debris and allow the water to drain into your gutter downpipes and away from your home. 

A failure to any part of this gutter system increases the frequency of back-ups and overflows in your eavestroughs which can lead to annoying leaks (drip-drip-drip) or worse, serious damage to your home. 


Regular gutter cleaning (we recommend two or three times per year) and maintenance is important to avoid problems.

We recommend having the gutters cleaned, at the very least, once before the fall and once during winter or afterward. 


Our basic gutter cleaning package includes emptying gutter eavestroughs and downspouts by-hand, plus checking your seals, downspouts, and downpipes.

Premium gutter cleaning

Our premium gutter cleaning package includes emptying gutter eavestroughs and downspouts by-hand, checking your seals, downspouts, and downpipes plus polishing the outside faces of the gutter troughs and downpipes.

It costs a little more but it's worth it!

Leave the ladder in the shed

Our team is carefully trained with Fall Safe Certification and we use high-quality ladders and tools to clean your gutters by-hand. Forget that old ladder in the shed and let our gutter cleaners take care of your home.